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Some Other Writings by Jean Hay Bright



Unless otherwise designated, the columns listed below have appeared in the Bangor Broadside,

a bi-monthly newspaper published from July 2002 to March 2003


Investigative Reports         Miscellaneous Writings




It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

It’s a mere two years later, and the analogies are now between George Bush and Adolf Hitler.  Even Molly Ivins has gotten a bit testy.

----February 2003

Helmsley attitude now at the helm

Leona Helmsley's snide remark that “Only the little people pay taxes" has become public policy in the Bush administration.

---- January 2003


The Case for Left-Wing Radio

Right-wing hate radio has taken it on the chin lately, and it’s about time.

---- December 2002 Maine Media Women 2003 First Place Award, regular column (one column of three that won the award)


Medical treatment and health care are not the same thing

My dad had an astonishing amount of medical treatment the last two weeks of his life. But he did not get enough health care to suit me.

---- November 2002    Maine Media Women 2003 First Place Award, Personal Column

Crossing the Credibility Line

Irrationality is not a good personality trait for a defense secretary.

---- September 2002  Maine Media Women 2003 First Place Award, regular column (one column of three that won the award)

Troubling Down to the Core

The United States of America that I knew has been disappearing before my eyes

---- August 2002  Maine Media Women 2003 First Place Award, regular column (one column of three that won the award)

Fix the Pledge and Move On

Let's fix both problems with the Pledge of Allegiance, and then move on

----; July 2002


Student Drug Surveys:More Noise Than Substance?

Do these statistics represent reality? Can we trust students to honestly self-report their own illegal, anti-social, and/or undesirable behaviors? Can we trust researchers to give us the whole picture?

The Entire Report

Op-Ed Column in March 26, 1998 Bangor Daily News


The Personal Price of Freedom of Speech:
Scott Nearing -- 1883-1983

Except for die-hard left-wing activists and some in the environmental movement, few people these days have heard of Scott Nearing. Fewer still think of him as a front-line defender of freedom of speech and the press in the first half of this century.---- April 1997

The Making of a Family Heirloom
Some families have real heirlooms...Ours is not a family like those. Our possessions do not have much inherent value. In fact, many of our most prized ones were once someone else's throwaways. But what those prized pieces do come with are family stories. ---- December 1997 

An Interview with Jesus Adele Christ ---- October 1997

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