A Few Words from Helen

September 1, 1993

I am not a political person
Not a Republican, not a Democrat
– Or even a Feminist
I might be called a Humanist
I believe in human beings:
be they man, woman, or child
I believe in human rights –
and that
men should have as many as women
I believe in equal rights
equal opportunity
equal wages
equal partnership

I think Jean Hay is an equal-righter
She has been married and has
two children – a girl and a boy:
They are now grown and she is
free to work for the general welfare
She has farmed on the land
She has done office work
She has written for newspapers
She is youthful and vital
She is well-equipped to tackle
the job of Congresswoman for Maine
I intend to vote for her
and hope you will too

Helen Nearing

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